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Talk about diversity - from the Wild West to wild animals to wild Memorials the Black Hills of South Dakota can keep an RVer busy for several days. I read somewhere that there are approximately 25,000 campsites in the area! I wouldn't doubt it.

Just outside (or on the edges of) the "Black Hills" borders you'll find Spearfish and it's amazing waterfalls to the north, the Badlands National Park (wow!) to the east, the Mammoth Site to the south, and Devils Tower (and a great campground nearby in Sundance - Mountain View RV Park & Campground) to the west (okay, kinda northwest). So much to do and see!!!

While you're in the area chances are you'll see bison...or is it buffalo? Click here for the scoop. And if you get a chance try some spicy buffalo's tasty!


1 pound of boneless, skinless chicken breast - cut up into large bite-size pieces

8 oz french salad dressing

1 package of dry Lipton onion soup mix

1/2 a can or a small can of whole berry cranberry sauce


In a glass baking dish with lid break up cranberry sauce with the back of a fork until saucy. Add soup mix and stir together. Add french dressing and stir - mixing all ingredients well. Add chicken breast and mix until the chicken is coated with sauce.

Arrange chicken into a single layer (as best you can), cover and bake at 350 for 25-35 minutes - or until the chicken is cooked.

Tip: Use a cookie sheet or baking tray covered with foil under the dish as it may bubble over and spill sticky stuff.

Serve with white rice and a green salad.

Additional Tips

A little wacky but definitely delicious, Trailblazer Chicken is a snap to make and a real crowd-pleaser. For fun, see if your diners can guess the ingredients. Wink

Click on the arrow in the video screen to see how it's done. Give it a go and tell me what you think - send me an email and make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single delicious show.


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