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From my RV kitchen

No question, this is one of the most unique ways I've seen to cook a turkey. Easy, no fuss, no muss, and the results are delicious.


Heavy duty aluminum foil
12x12 wood board - covered with foil
18" dowel - mounted vertically in the center of the board - covered with foil

up to a 13 pound turkey - tied if you desire

20 gallon galvenized steel trash can, treated (see below for treatment instructions)

2 10-pound bags of "matchlight" charcoal briquettes

Sturdy, heat-proof gloves


Lay a large piece of aluminum foil on a non-flamible spot on the ground.

Place the wood board/dowel in the center of the foil.

Place a cleaned turkey, legs down, over the dowel.

Place the trash can upside down over the turkey.

Pour 1 bag of charcoal on top of trash can. Pour the other bag of charcoal around the base of the trash can. Make sure all of the charcoal is on the large piece of foil covering the ground. Using a stcik lighter, light the charcoal in several places (do not use lighter fluid!).

Allowing the charcoal to flame, cook the turkey for 90 minutes.

Rake the coals off the top and from around the base. Carefully remove the trash can (use gloves - it's hot) and viola' - there's your browned, crispy turkey!

Additional Tips

The first time you use the trash can for Gourmet Trash Can Turkey you must "season" it using a water/white vinegar mix. This removes any metallic taste.

In the trash can add 1 gallon of white vinegar. Fill the can half way up with cool, clean water. Wash the sides and allow to sit for 6 hours. Swish the water/vinegar on to the sides every 30 minutes or so.

Rinse well and prepare to wow your friends and family!


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