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From my RV kitchen

I imagine it's safe to say that all of us have a taste sensation that takes us back to our childhood - holidays, family and food. Aunt Lucy's Thanksgiving stuffing does that for me. With just a few simple, readily available ingredients this turkey stuffing makes it to my RV table every year. Try it, modify it if you like...and trust me, you'll like.

On the topic of gratitude, our public lands rate right up there for me. In this RV TV episode I talk about 3 terrific, lesser known National Parks/Monuments that have made a difference in my life and I'm glad I haven't missed as I go RVing across the US.

When we visited Congaree we stayed in a very nice state park - Sesquicentennial State Park - in Columbia, SC (say that five times fast!). While there we took in the State Capitol, walked the university campus, and enjoyed a neat brew pub - all in walking distance from one another.  

Hot Springs National Park is a real treat. Poke around, take a bath (see the vid for more on this) and try some fried pickles in a charming cafe on the main street. We wish we'd stayed in Hot Springs but instead took a day trip from Petit Jean State Park - that's a show in itself - remarkable!

Arizona is simply intoxicating any way you slice it but add Sunset Crater Volcano and Wupatki National Monuments to the mix and you've got a wow! A piece of advice...charge your camera batteries and make sure you have plenty of film or room on your media'll want to take a lot of pictures! Our place to stay in Flagstaff?? J & H RV Park right in between "town" and the parks.

I hope you take the time to recharge your batteries and introduce your kids to the wonders of our beautiful, diverse country. Even after seeing so much there's still so much to see!


1 stick butter (Smart Balance stick works well, too)
12 c white bread (1 loaf) torn into medium pieces
6 T onion - 1 medium - chopped
1 1/2 c celery - 4-5 stalks - chopped
5 eggs - hand beaten
1 1/2 t paprika (or more - for color and flavor)


Melt butter in large saucepan, add onion and celery, saute lightly until soft but not brown.

Tear bread into large bowl, add onion/celery mixture, eggs, salt/pepper and paprika.

Mix well - add more paprika if desired. If too thick add a splash of milk.

Stuff in bird and cook until turkey is done


Spoon stuffing mix into a 9x9 Pyrex baking dish, cover with foil, and cook at 350 for 30 minutes.

Additional Tips

If you love sage, sausage, nuts, etc in your stuffing add them in the sauteing process. Add fruit - cranberries, apricots, etc in the mixing process. If my husband had his way we'd add a healthy portion of diced and seeded roasted green chiles to the mix! No matter what you try it's all delicious and easy!

Make enough for Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers. This stuffing is excellent on a day-after turkey sandwich piled high with Crockpot Turkey Breast, Mom's Famous Cranberry Sauce, and Aunt Lucy's stuffing. It's a family affair!


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