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RV Green?

That's the question I set out to explore in a past RV Cooking Show blog:  

As I lumbered down the highway the other day in my F-350 a Prius zipped past me and for a moment I felt a bit sheepish about my “less than green” machine. Then I began thinking…just the sheer fact that I live in my (less than 300 square foot) RV makes me pretty environmentally friendly. Read more...

Green Cleaning

The inside of your RV may look like home but it needs special care. From sinks to countertops to toilet bowls and flooring, manufacturers use materials that are specially designed to travel down the road in a durable and livable fashion. Drainpipe seals and holding tank termination valves are of special concern and can be damaged using harsh chemicals.

Not only do you want to care for your RV so it'll give you years of traveling pleasure but you want to clean green! What a match made in heaven! Using some basic ingredients you can create a "green clean kit" suitable for spiffing up any RV.  Here's what you'll need:

Green Cleaning Kit

Baking Soda - cleans, polishes, deodorizes

Distilled White Vinegar - cuts grease, kills mold, deodorizes, does not stain

Castile Soap - natural, bio-degradable, plant-based soap

Borax - bleach alternative, cleans, deodorizes, disinfects (can irritate the skin and should not be ingested - by people or pets)

Cornstarch - cleans, polishes, deodorizes carpeting and rugs, removes grease stains

Toothpaste - a mild abrasive polishes

Lemon - antibacterial, fragrant, stain remover, bleaching agent

Olive Oil - nourishes wood, polishes

Essential Oils - disinfects, fragrant 

Tea Tree Oil - antiseptic



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