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Young Fulltime RVers - Too much together time?


Fulltime RVers live in small spaces and spend alot of time together. How to cope? In this short Young Fulltime RVers video I'll share a few of my tricks that you might find helpful.

We recently posted this video on the RVnet blog and got some interesting comments. I'll share a couple with you here:

"woof" says... My wife and I both have different hats and when one of us wears his hat it means , don’t bother me now.

"Honeybear" commented... Just like at home, we have our own separate checklist and responsibilities. Obviously, mine is more mechanically oriented (checking the tires, appliances, fluid levels, etc.) We respect each other’s “space” and know it’s not the best time to converse when one of us is reviewing our checklist or going through one of our “routines” because we need to focus on what we are doing at that moment. Casual conversation can wait. The risk is that something will be forgotten or left undone. It’s one thing to forget a food item, but quite another to forget to lower the antenna, or something similar that could involve safety or unnecessary expense.

Case in point –too many distractions while backing the RV into the driveway could result in a minor accident (yeah - did that one).

Focus on the important things, don’t be too serious and remember that it’s supposed to be fun (whether a vacation from work or retirement).

Read more and leave your own method for avoiding "too much together time" as fulltime RVers on the RVnet blog entry...we'd love to hear from you!

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