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Your RV Cooking Show crew is all about easy, fresh, delicious dishes with a hearty helping of a good story. Be it places, faces, farmers or plain ol' fun, we've got your RV kitchen tastes and travels covered.

  • RVCS Aussie Series
  • Grilled Trout Tacos
  • Smoked Salmon Stack

RV Cooking Show Australia 90 Days DownunderThe RV Cooking Show goes downunder, mate!

Guess what? Aussies love to travel and love to eat as much as we do. Watch this growing series of RV Cooking Show / 90 Days Downunder episodes and whet your whistle on the best of Australia's east coast. From camp kitchens to city sights to colorful (and squaking) birds, we see it all. Careful, you just might get the (overseas) travel bug! C'mon along for some good downunder fun, right here

San Diego Grilled Trout Tacos Santee Lakes RV Cooking Show

Grilled Trout Tacos at San Diego's Best Backyard - Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve

San Diego and fish tacos go together like sand and surf. Get a taste of the surf culture with these surprisingly easy, delicious, and healthy grilled trout tacos - direct from our Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve floating cabin. Watch this episode here





RV Cooking Show Smoked Salmon StackEasy and Elegant Salmon Stack... Make This and Impress

Watch Chef Craig from Bowen, Australia’s fab waterfront restaurant, Food Freaks, show RV Cooking Show/90 Days Downunder host Evanne how to make one of his signature appetizer dishes, a Smoked Salmon Stack. With just a few ingredients and an eye toward presentation, this simple salmon recipe will have you wowing your guests at home or on the road in your mobile RV kitchen. It’s so good...give it a go!