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Campground   _________________         Contact  _______________    TL/Woodalls Stats:  ___/___/___  $___/nite  

____  What is the compensation package? Hourly? Site? Hookups (W/S/E/CTV)? Telephone at site?

____  Is internet available at our site? What type? _____________  Fee? ___________ 

____ Do you offer an assignment completion bonus?

____  Where will our site be located in the park? Site size? Pull thru or backin? Room for an awning/screen room/slide outs?

____  How long is the job? Expected start and end dates? Is there a busy “season” - if so when?

____  What are the job duties that will be expected of us? Will there be variety? Bathroom detail?

____  How many hours are expected of each of us? Shift hours? Days off? Together? Our preferences are __________.

____  If time off (during the season) is needed how is it arranged?

____  What is the dress code? Are work shirts provided?

____  How often will we be paid? In what form - cash or check? Are taxes deducted? Do you offer automatic deposit?

____  Will you expect us sign a written contract? Will it mention all of the above information?

____  Do the owners/managers live on site?

____  Do you have other Workamper couples? How many? More than last year?  Any returning Workampers?

____  Any other workers besides Workampers? If so, are they returning from last year?

____  Do you use contractors for any of your parks needs?

____  Is the park gated? Do you have full time security? If not, when do you have a guard on duty?

____  How many sites? Seasonals - how many? Do you accept tenters - how many?

____  How is your water pressure? Radio reception? TV reception (if no CTV)?

____  What amenities are on site? May we use them?

____  Is there a laundry on site? What is the fee per load? Do we rec’v laundry subsidy?

____  Is there propane on site? What is the cost per gallon? Do we rec’v a propane subsidy?

____  May we have guests - daily and overnight? Is there a fee to us?

____  How close is a decent grocery store? Walmart, etc.? Church?

____  Do we rec’v store discounts (if applicable)?

____  Is the park wooded/open/pavement?

____  Please discuss the area that your campground is located in and the attractions nearby.

____  Anything else you’d like me to know as I consider your workamper position?


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